How to reach us

Once we have reached Scuderia Castello  ( open page) it is possible to reach Rifugio Campei di Fondo either on horse with our guide or drive his own car.

On foot

we can park your car in our parking area and then you follow Via Castello down up to the cross road with Via Camerate, you turn right and you go on for 3 km. You reach an iron bridge that cross Toscolano river. Along the way you can find some panels that indicate Rif. Alpino Campei de Cima: you follow them.
After crossing the bridge you keep walking up for 2 km up to the locality Maernì. You follow the road on your right following Campei de Cima. From here you enter the Valley and following the main road after 2 km you cross a small bridge (locality Ponticella) and go on walking. By the bridge we have two possibilities:

  1. on your right you follow the path dei Cuei  (sentiero  dei Cuei) and you go up along the slopes of the Mount Alberelli up to the beginning of another path marked by the table forestry called “Persenic”. You follow it and in locality Dosso Cavallo, after crossing a small wooden bridge we take the path n. 22 that leads to our Rifugio Campei di Fondo.
  1. You follow the main road for 2 km up to a crossroad that leads to our Rifugio. The crossroad is on your right and you have to cross the green bar which prohibits unauthorized traffic. From here you follow path n. 22 Campei di Fondo e di Mezzo: you can see the indication for our Refuge.

In Auto

starting from Scuderia Castello you drive down the access road for about 100 mt and turn right in front of the complex of terraced houses. You keep to the left down to Via Camerate: then you  turn right into the homonymous valley.

You drive on always keeping along the left side of the river up to the iron bridge that crosses the river. You continue up to the locality Maernì ( already Vie che Spart) and turn right along the Valley up to locality Ponticella (where you find a small bridge). Here we have to stop and park and continue on foot following the above instructions.

It is possible to agree with Scuderia Castello’s staff the transport for the last part of the road by our authorized car.


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