At our “Rifugio” you can really tune with the surrounding nature.  Following the paths of our Park on horse is really a unique experience. Choosing to live this adventure on horse riding it is possible to experience a total harmony that allow you to plunge into the wild forest with feelings so strong that it becomes difficult to describe and even image them.

Only a few places in Italy permit to transform the binomial man/horse in a single entity that blends into the magic and wild environment as in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

The horse is attentive to every movement of the weight of the rider and the rider is concentrated to indicate the steps best suited to the horse. The landscapes, the colors of the seasons and legends that you can breathe in the stories of the elderly make the experience a moment difficult to forget.

The horses of the Scuderia Castello, prepared with years of working on these paths, are the ideal companions to live in security and peace on your trip.

Horse rides can be daily from Scuderia Castello with lunch at the Refuge or we offer stays of more days using Campei as a step to get to other places in the Park riding expert horses. We are also available for groups with their own horses who wish to visit the Alto Garda Bresciano Park with our qualified guides and our logistic support.

In this case we recommend that you do not underestimate the experience and inform you well by necessities imposed by paths.


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