The staff of Scuderia Castello pays particular attention to traditional local cuisine and, in particular to that of our area of Brescia, mainly with the use of products from our company. Our garden provides seasonal vegetables that accompany our dishes flavored with aromatic herbs that grow thanks to the Mediterranean climate enjoyed by Scuderia Castello.

In this regard, we decided to enlarge the garden in order to meet the increasing demand of our restaurant. From 2013 horticultural crops will be transferred in another location of our property in the locality Sostaga, site best suited to the needs as served by spring water not treated with chlorine and with an excellent sun exposure.

We also produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil and a lot of fruits that we turn into jam for breakfast or desserts served to our guests.

The meat that is not directly produced by us comes from local farm where the cattle are fed with selected forages and corn flour which we systematically controlled in order to be able to offer high quality culinary products. Our cuisine traditionally "poor" offers tasty dishes that are based on the wise use of the beef in all its parts.


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